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Year PI Name PubMed/DOI Title Therapeutic Agent
Year: 2015 PI Name:Zhang Wensheng PubMed/DOI: 25714973 Protective effect of notoginsenoside R1 on an APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease by up-regulating insulin degrading enzyme and inhibiting Aβ accumulation Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Notoginsenoside R1 (NTR1)
Year: 2016 PI Name: Kwon Jungkee PubMed/DOI: 27286707 6-Shogaol has anti-amyloidogenic activity and ameliorates Alzheimer’s disease via CysLT1R-mediated inhibition of cathepsin B Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • 6-Shogaol
Year: 2016 PI Name:Qin Chuan PubMed/DOI: 27240542 Cyanidin 3-O-β-glucopyranoside activates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ and alleviates cognitive impairment in the APPswe/PS1ΔE9 mouse model Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Cyanidin 3-O-β-glucopyranoside
Year: 2016 PI Name:Li Yan-Bing PubMed/DOI: 27518086 Fuzhisan ameliorates the memory deficits in aged SAMP8 mice via decreasing Aβ production and tau hyperphosphorylation of the hippocampus Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Fuzhisan
Year: 2016 PI Name:Shen Xu PubMed/DOI: 27569389 Small molecule LX2343 ameliorates cognitive deficits in AD model mice by targeting both amyloid β production and clearance Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • LX2343
Year: 2016 PI Name:Gasparini Laura PubMed/DOI: 26858121 Metformin promotes tau aggregation and exacerbates abnormal behavior in a mouse model of tauopathy Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Metformin
Year: 2016 PI Name:Bao Xinjie PubMed/DOI: 27932977 Human neural stem cell transplantation rescues cognitive defects in APP/PS1 model of Alzheimer's disease by enhancing neuronal connectivity and metabolic activity Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • HuCNS-SC (Human Neural Stem Cell Population)
Year: 2017 PI Name:Town Terrence PubMed/DOI: 28512130 Combination therapy with octyl gallate and ferulic acid improves cognition and neurodegeneration in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Octyl Gallate
  • Ferulic Acid
Year: 2017 PI Name:Wu Meina PubMed/DOI: 28731445 Colivelin ameliorates impairments in cognitive behaviors and synaptic plasticity in APP/PS1 transgenic mice Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Colivelin
Year: 2017 PI Name:Du Jun-Rong PubMed/DOI: 29163135 Neuroprotective effect of ligustilide through induction of α-secretase processing of both APP and klotho in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Ligustilide
Year: 2017 PI Name:Hong Yan PubMed/DOI: 28269786 Dietary lycopene supplementation improves cognitive performances in tau transgenic mice expressing P301L mutation via inhibiting oxidative stress and tau hyperphosphorylation Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Lycopene
  • Vitamin E
Year: 2017 PI Name:Tan Jun PubMed/DOI: 28617434 LISPRO mitigates β-amyloid and associated pathologies in Alzheimer's mice Therapeutic Agent(s):
Year: 2017 PI Name:Wang Dongmei PubMed/DOI: 27435287 The effects of astilbin on cognitive impairments in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Astilbin
Year: 2017 PI Name:Cho Jae-Hyeon PubMed/DOI: 28072821 Maysin and its flavonoid derivative from centipedegrass attenuates amyloid plaques by inducting humoral immune response with Th2 skewed cytokine response in the Tg (APPswe, PS1dE9) Alzheimer's mouse model Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Luteolin
  • Isoorientin
  • Rhamnosylisoorientin
  • Derhamnosylmaysin
Year: 2018 PI Name:Yuksel Melike PubMed/DOI: 29248542 Toluidine blue O modifies hippocampal amyloid pathology in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease Therapeutic Agent(s):
  • Toluidine Blue O (TBO)